How to Change the Number Plate Light

Use a small flat head screwdriver or similar tool to lever the plastic unit out Twist the holder to remove from the unit The bulb is now accessible for removable/replacement

How to Change Side Indicator

Push the light in the direction of the front door (Being careful not to scratch the paintwork) Remove the unit Pull the bulb holder out Remove the bulb from the holder by pulling it out

How to Remove the Glovebox

Open the glovebox Locate and undo the four screws (all four corners) Gently pull the glovebox out of its housing Disconnect the wiring for the light Remove the glovebox completely

How To Remove Front Seat

Slide the seat fully forward Unclip the cover on the seat belt mount – release the rear clip then the front tabs Undo the seat belt bolt Remove the seat belt bolts from the back of the guide rails Move the seat back to separate the front mounts of the rail from the floor Remove

How to remove grille

Open the bonnet Depending on the model of your Astra H there are either – Four expanding rivets on the top edge of the grille in which case – push out the centre pins on each rivet and they will pop out, or Four torx screws which need to be undone and removed. There are

Tech 2

Tech 2 is the program that Vauxhall dealers use to access the on board computer functions and for programming any changes or additions to the cars computer. There are several options which can be enabled using Tech 2 taht may be disabled on your car as standard. Coupled with the correct parts you can effectively

Standard Paint Colours

As standard the Astra H/Mk5 came in a choice of 11 colours

How To Lock Car With Key

There may be a need for you to lock your car without using the remote key fob – for example if the battery runs out during use.

How To Disable Alarm Interior Sensors

If your astra has an alarm there are a number of reasons you may wish to de-activate the interior sensors

Cruise Control

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